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Alisha Lalbeharie is an enthusiastic podiatrist, who loves helping people with their lower limb problems.


Alisha graduated from the University of Johannesburg in 2019 and opened her own private practice in 2020 in Ladysmith KZN. Since then she has 3 branches throughout Northern KZN. Her main branch being in Ladysmith and monthly practices in Newcastle and Estcourt.


She manages and treats different types of lower limb problems, from your hips to your toenails. Alisha has a special interest in Diabetic Lower Limb Management but deals with a variety of conditions associated with the lower limb e.g ingrown toenails, foot and ankle pain.


Alisha is also passionate about her social media platforms and enjoys educating people on podiatry and how podiatrists can help people with lower limb aches and pains. She is contracted to the majority of medical aids in South Africa with affordable cash rates.

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